Forty major areas, gardens, bridges, landforms, sculpture, terraces, fences and architectural works. Covering thirty acres, The Garden of Cosmic Speculation uses nature to celebrate nature, both intellectually and through the senses, including the sense of humour.

A water cascade of steps recounts the story of the universe; a terrace shows the distortion of space and time caused by a black hole; a “Quark Walk” takes the visitor on a journey to the smallest building blocks of matter and a series of landforms and lakes recall fractal geometry.

The garden is private and open to the public one day a year, normally the Sunday of the first May bank holiday, via the Scotland’s Gardens charity scheme.

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The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is a 30 acre sculpture garden located at Portrack House, near Dumfries in South West Scotland.

The garden is not available for private hire, film shoots, advertising shoots or promotions.
The Garden of Cosmic Speculation is private and only accessible on our annual open day.